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There are hundreds of hotels in Prague to choose from. Book the best hotel room, meeting your needs and expectations. The Hotel Selection has been prepared by CzechSite Housing Specialists to make this choice easy.

   Book the economy hotel room. Recently the most reasonable hotel rooms in Prague with walking distance to the metro station, in good quality and with good customers evaluation, are provided by Hotel Fortuna Luna. Book in advance with CzechSite. Book Economy Hotel Room in Prague
   Book your room in the best-located hotel in Prague. Recently the best location/price ratio is offered by Hotel Pod vezi (Under the Tower). Hotel is located in the historic city center, just minutes from the Prague Castle, next to the Charles Bridge, for reasonable prices. Book in advance with CzechSite. Book Best Located Hotel Room in Prague
   Book the room for your family. Recently the best family rooms in the historic city center are provided by The Castle Steps Hotel. Hotel is located next to the Prague Castle, has apartments for up to 4 family members and the neiborhood is children friendly. Book in advance with CzechSite. Book Family Hotel Room in Prague


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