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Prague Transport Authority

Probably the first place in the Czech Republic you will arrive to will be city of Prague. The City Transport Authority (Dopravni Podnik in Czech language or just DP) network covers the whole city of Prague and includes trams, city buses and metro (subway, underground). But remember, the compact historical center is best appreciated on foot.

Subway System The same ticket is good for all parts of the public transport system. They are sold from the yellow machines in metro stations or from newsstands or from the City Transport Authority Information Offices (located at most of the subway stations, no credit cards). Validate your ticket by punching it in a little yellow machine in the metro station lobby or on the bus or tram.

The fare has been changed on July 1, 2011 and is as followed.

  • Adult 32 Kc full ticket is good for 90 minutes after punching
  • Adult 24 Kc limited ticket is good for 30 minutes after punching
  • Children (age 6-15) 16 Kc full ticket is good for 90 minutes
  • Children (age 6-15) 12 Kc limited ticket is good for 30 minutes
  • Children under 6 may use public transport free
  • Baby prams with child may use public transport free
Cheaper and more convenient is a short term travel ticket good for unlimited travel on trams, city buses and the metro. It is sold as ticket above. Do not forget to validate it.
  • 1 day (24 hours after validation) ticket, 110 Kc
  • 3 day (72 hours after validation) ticket, 310 Kc
Tickets can be also purchased through sms. Send sms to 90206 with the following TEXT:
  • DPT32 for purchasing 32 Kc ticket, good for 90 minutes
  • DTP24 for purchasing 24 Kc ticket, good for 30 minutes
  • DPT110 for purchasing 110 Kc ticket, good for one day
  • DPT310 for purchasing 310 Kc ticket, good for three days
Expect your ticket within 2 minutes after your sms has been sent.

A long term travel pass is sold from the City Transport Authority Information Offices (located at most of the subway stations). Bring your passport and one passport-size photo. A long term travel pass is valid one day before and three days after the validity dates.

  • 1 month pass, 550 Kc
  • 3 month pass, 1480 Kc
  • 12 month pass, 4750 Kc
Another Prague Card pass is good for unlimited public transport within up to 4 days plus free admission to the museums, galleries and other attractions. It is available from Cedok (at Na Prikope 18 or at Wenceslas Square 53 or at Prague Airport) or from Prague Information Service (at Na Prikope 20 or at Old Town Hall or at Main Railway Station). Prague Card is also available online.

You are not supposed to show your ticket or travel pass to the driver but to the inspectors only if you are asked. They can fine you up to 950 Kc if you do not have any pass or validated ticket.

Metro network is safe, reliable and clean. There are three lines (A-green, B-yellow, C-red) and around fourty stations. It runs from 5 am to midnight daily every 3-10 minutes. Get the map of metro routes from the City Transport Authority web pages. Metro station Narodni is recently closed for renovations.

Bus and tram network covers the whole city of Prague. Most of them runs from 4:30 am to 11:30 pm daily every 5-25 minutes. Bus and tram network has experienced major changes in September 2012. Get the new maps of tram and bus routes from the City Transport Authority web pages. Also find the schedules there.

There is limited night service on certain tram and bus lines from midnight to 5 am every 40 minutes. Get the map of night service from the City Transport Authority web pages.

For more information and free maps visit City Transport Authority Information Offices:

  • Airport Ruzyne, Arrival Hall at Terminal 1, daily from 7 am to 9 pm
  • Airport Ruzyne, Arrival Hall at Terminal 2, daily from 7 am to 9 pm
  • Metro Station Muzeum (line A, C), daily from 7 am to 9 pm
  • Metro Station Nadrazi Holesovice (line C), weekdays from 7 am to 9 pm, saturdays from 9:30 am to 5 pm, closed on sundays
  • Metro Station Andel (line B), weekdays from 7 am to 9 pm, saturdays from 9:30 am to 5 pm, closed on sundays
For more information in Czech, English, German and Russian language call 296-191-817 or 800-191-817.


Take a Taxi

Prague used to be known with bad taxi drivers in early 90s. Some of taxi drivers were real bandits and were even involved with crime. But it had changed 15 years ago and now you don't have to worry about calling taxi through the operator anymore. One of the best is AAA Taxi, they are not expensive and the operators speak English, just dial 14014. On the contrary hailing taxi on the street might be still hazardous and we can't recommend it.


Take a Train

Czech Republic has an extensive railway network which is operated by state railway company Ceske Drahy (CD). Train ride could turn out to be romantic and gives you an excellent chance to admire beautiful Czech countryside, but it is slower and more expensive than the bus. There is no need to book domestic rail in advance. You can buy the ticket from the ticket office at the railway station or from the conductor on the train.

Most domestic trains departure from Praha Hlavni Nadrazi (Main Station) at metro station Hlavni Nadrazi or from Praha Holesovice at metro station Nadrazi Holesovice or from Praha Smichov at metro station Smichovske Nadrazi or from Praha Masarykovo Nadrazi at metro station Namesti Republiky.

Get the train schedule online from Czech Railways. Remember, all dates are shown in Czech format there. So, for example for June 7, 2014 fill out the 7.6.2014. You can also get train schedules information by phone 840-112-113 or by email.


Take a Bus

In addition to the extensive railway network there is a dense network of coach lines which is often operated by state bus company Ceska Autobusova Doprava (CAD). Its long distance coaches tend to be faster, more frequent and cheaper than trains.

Long distance domestic coaches departure from main bus station Florenc Bus Station at Metro Station Florenc. Long distance domestic tickets are sold from the ticket counter and the regional ones are also sold on the bus.

Get the bus connection from National Timetable Information System. Remember, all dates are shown in Czech format there. So, for example for June 7, 2014 fill out the 7.6.2014. You can also get bus schedules information by phone 221-895-344 or 900-144-444 or by email.


Drive a Car

The legal driving age in the Czech Republic is 18. You are required to have a zero blood alcohol level when driving. Remember, it is the law and police often conduct breath test. You must have fastened seat belt and children up to twelve years of age may not travel in the front seat of vehicle. Speed limit is 50 km/h (30 mph) in built-up areas, 90 km/h (60 mph) out of built-up areas and 130 km/h (80 mph) on highways.

If you use any multilane divided highway you have to buy the Highway Sticker for 1500 Kc/year ($75), 440 Kc/month ($22), 310 Kc/10 days ($15) and place it on the windshield. The sticker may be purchased at all border crossings, post offices and some gas stations. The fine for driving without the sticker is 20.000 Kc ($1000).

For car emergency service call the automobile and motorcycle club 24 hours a day on the number 1230. In case of an accident the police should be contacted immediately if damage exceeds 100.000 Kc.

There are a lot of bad drivers in Czech. So be careful, watch the drivers around, anticipate and think instead of them. Especially driving in Prague is not fun as in any other big European city. The drivers are nervous, narrow city streets are crowded by traffic (especially on morning rush hour from 7:30 am to 10 am) and it is difficult to find parking space in the city center. Be careful and do not park your car in the Blue Zone which is for residents only. The Green Zone is good for your long term parking up to 6 hours and the Orange Zone is for short term parking up to 2 hours. Do not forget to make a prepayment and get the ticket from the automatic ticket machine on the sidewalk. You need a change, no bills. Anyway, if your car has been towed away go to the nearest police station. They will tell you which place you can pick up your car from. You will be charged 1000 Kc for towing away and you will have to pay the fine in addition. If your car is booted it will cost you from 500 to 1000 Kc. Have a safe trip!


Rent a Car

To rent a car contact any worldwide rental agencies. Find the contacts at Book Your Car.


Rent a Bike

Czech countryside is nice place to ride a bike especially in summer. Although there are no bicycle lanes you will make a great time riding through the undulating romantic scenery full of the small villages, meadows, ponds and forests. Also you will have a chance to check out your shape in the mountains. But it is not the best idea to start your bike tour from any big city because of the heavy traffic and the air pollution there. Use the train to escape from the city instead.

While you are in Prague rent a bike at:

  • ABC Sport, Moskevska 74, phone 271 725 959
  • WS-Ski Rent, Polska 50, phone 222 727 636
  • WS-Ski Rent, U Hrusky 15, phone 257 219 505
  • Mipos, Za Humny 4, phone 235 323 288
For other bike rentals out of Prague consult locals or yellow pages.


Take a Boat

River transport is used for pleasure only and mostly in summer. The Prague Steamboat Company harbor is located on the east bank north of the bridge Palackeho most near metro station Karlovo namesti (exit to Palackeho namesti).

Enjoy 55 minute cruise to the Vysehrad castle for 150 Kc. The boat leaves in summer daily every hour (first at 10 am, last at 6 pm). Enjoy the cruise through a wild, green landscape to the big dam Slapy. The boat departures in summer on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 9 am, arrives back at 6:30 pm. This fine escape is 250 Kc return. Also you can take a boat to the Prague Zoo or you can enjoy lunch on the boat all the year round daily at noon for 590 Kc or dinner at 7 pm for 690 Kc.

You can rent a row boat or pedal boat on the river island Slovansky ostrov in summer.


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