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Postal Services

Buy stamps at the post office or from newsstands. Letters go in the orange boxes around the city. Letters within the country is 13 Kc, Air Mail to Europe is 25 Kc to overseas 30 Kc. Do not forget to write Air Mail on the envelope. Registered mail is 58 Kc to Europe and 63 Kc to overseas.


Post Offices

There are a bunch of post offices open on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm. The main post office at Jindrisska 14 (close to the metro station Mustek) is open daily from 02:00 to 24:00. There is a queue up system since winter 1999. You are supposed to use the Q-matic machine, at the door to the huge hall, to get the queue up slip. It is easy, just follow the instructions in English above each Q-matic machine. Choose the service, press button, take the slip and go inside the hall. Wait your number on the display at the a counter.


Zip Code Search

The Czech postal system uses five digit zip code. Always use the zip code on each letter to the Czech Republic. Use our search engine to find the correct zip code of the place you are sending a letter to.

There are 15.500 cities, villages and other places throughout the Czech Republic in our database. All names are listed in its original form but without hooks and strokes (e.g. Prague is listed as Praha).



To call out of the Czech Republic dial 00 followed by the country code, area code and the number. For the international operator dial 1181. The country code for calling to the Czech Republic is 420, to Slovakia it is 421.

The main public telephone bureau and the main fax/telegram bureau is located at Politickych Veznu 4 (close to the metro station Mustek) and is open 24 hours a day.

For international calls from home phone save money using the O2 xCall program. Dial 970 00 followed by the country code, area code and the phone number and pay only 2,70 Kc a minute to the USA.

For international calls from cell phone save money using the O2 Net Call program. Dial *55 followed by the country code, area code and the phone number and pay only 9 Kc a minute to the USA.

You can also save using pre-paid phone cards which are sold from post offices and newsstands. Remember, some prepaid phone cards expires 12 months after first usage and will not be refunded.


Cellular Phones

Probably everybody in Prague uses at least one, often two (one for private and one for business) cellular phones. There are three cellular phone providers: O2 (former Eurotel), T-Mobile (former Paegas), Vodafone (former Oscar) and the whole country is covered with GSM 900 MHz networks.

Rooming for foreign GSM 900 MHz users is also provided of course. Do not forget to ask your home provider for rates before leaving. You can not use neither GSM 1800 MHz nor PCS 1900 MHz cellular phone there.

Be careful, you are not allowed to use any phone without hands free set while driving the car. It is the law since January 1, 2001.


Major Phone Numbers Change

Czech Telecom made major change of all phone numbers within the whole country on September 22, 2002.

Before this change all phone numbers were in the following format: country code (420), area code (e.g. 02 to Prague, 05 to Brno, 019 to Plzen...) and phone number (e.g. 12345678). When you were calling from Brno to Brno you had to dial just only the phone number without any prefix 12345678. But for calling from Prague to Brno you had to add area code and dial 05-12345678. From the abroad you had to dial country code, area code without the first zero and the phone number 420-5-12345678. It was a little bit confusing.

After the major change made on September 22, 2002 you have to dial area code in front of any number but always without the first zero. When you are calling from Brno to Brno you had to dial 5-12345678. For calling from Prague to Brno you have to dial also 5-12345678. From the abroad it is the same as it used to be 420-5-12345678.

Cellular phone numbers as 0602-123456 are the same but you have to skip the first 0 now. So you dial 602-123456 from Czech or 420-602-123456 from the abroad.

One more thing. Some phone numbers outside the big cities have been changed completely. If you have trouble to get connection just dial 1181 and English speaking operator will tell you the new number if you know the old one.

All phone numbers presented at CzechSite has been updated to the new ones.


SMS Gate

If you have your Czech friend's O2 cellular phone number you can send an SMS short message right to his or her phone.
Phone number:
T-Mobile mobile phone operator terminated getting free SMS for their clients on February 4, 2003. T-Mobile clients can receive SMS just only from other T-Mobile client and so you have no chance to send them SMS from any SMS gate nor through email anymore.


Cyber Cafes and Wifi Spots

Recently there are a lot of restaurants with free wifi and a some small cyber cafes in Prague. To find the nearest one just walk and watch around.


Search Engines

Local search engines usually do not speak English, but you can try them anyway. The most popular are:

If you do not speak any Czech, there is always Google search engine:


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