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CzechSite was established in 1996 as a nonprofit travel guide for travelers to Prague and Czech Republic. We are proud to be one of the leading destination guides since then.

Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional CzechSite is located in San Francisco Bay Area, because of the speed and fast accessibility from the whole world. Alexa ranks CzechSite among 12% of the fastest web sites worldwide. CzechSite is updated from Prague, because of the correct and up to date information.

Any Browser CzechSite has from 1,5 to 2,3 million Alexa Traffic Rank. There are about 20 thousands unique visitors a month to the CzechSite and about 100 of them book their hotel, apartment, guided tour or outdoor activity. We will be happy to serve also you. Support us and make your booking through CzechSite.



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Letters to the Editor

Thank you for your great emails you send us every week. We carefully read all your messages and it is wonderful incentive for us. We are happy you like CzechSite and we do the best to be even better. Read some of the best messages we have got and please send us also your comments.

Good site! Thanks for the help.
Mel Terral, USA
posted on September 18, 1998

Just returned from trip to Prague and Vienna. Prague is truly a beautiful city and the people are very friendly. We stayed in pension on outskirts and took tram to city center. Found your web site very helpful. Thanks!
Warren Kininmonth, USA
posted on October 12, 1998

Czechsite.com is the best most informative web site of seen on Prague!! Had everything I needed in a format that is easy and accessible!! I bookmarked it because I'm going to Prague next week and want to learn all I can before I go!!! Thank you!!!!
Eve Chaikin, USA
posted on October 21, 1998

Thank you for interesting pages. I find them very useful. I intend to stay in Prague this winter. Best regards
Piotr Guzowski, Poland
posted on January 11, 1999

This is an amazing site. Thank you.
Raul Milian, USA
posted on July 6, 1999

Hello. I just want to thank you for a great net site. I am going to Prague in August for an oval weekend, and I found all the info I required on your pages. Really good! Best regards,
Trond Deetjen, Norway
posted on July 28, 1999

Thank you for the information contained in this web site. My wife and I are going to the Czech Republic soon and this information will make our trip much more enjoyable and informative. The web site is excellent!
Darrell Cooper, USA
posted on October 3, 1999

An excellent informative set of pages - many thanks.
Iorwerth Rowlands, USA
posted on October 3, 1999

Your web site has been the best I've ever been to! Thank you and keep up the good work!
dpblair@telusplanet.net, USA
posted on January 9, 2000

Great web site. Who does it? Regards.
Bill, Czech Cultural Center Houston, USA
posted on January 15, 2000

I really enjoy your site as I am planning a trip to Prague. Thank you.
Phil Maisonneuve, Canada
posted on May 1, 2000

Just want to tell you what a nice site czechsite.com is.
Nancy Holley, USA
posted on June 22, 2000

We are planning a trip to East Europe, and we found the information of your site very useful.
H Grilli, Argentina
posted on August 19, 2000

The website is very comprehensive and easy to maneuver around. Thanks.
Katerina Kyriacou, Great Britain
posted on September 7, 2000

The site is truly excellent and having been to Prague on a couple of occasions it is wonderful reminder. The pictures and panoramics are also very good. Thank You.
Tim Smith, USA
posted on February 21, 2001

I just revisited your marvelous site, it brought a flood of memories of my visit in 1993. Thanks.
Anne Lipman
posted March 4, 2001

Congratulations, you've got such an interesting web-site! It helped me get a quick preview about every detail about Prague before getting there! Thank You.
Alison Scicluna, Malta
posted on May 17, 2001

I have just checked out your site and it is easy to follow and well laid out.
Lynn Ferris, England
posted on July 2, 2001

I have lived in England for 55 years now after surf Prague my home town. Have come across your website and its excellent congratulations.
Karel Tosner, England
posted on January 7, 2002

I am coming there in February and it is my first time here. Good that you have this website. Thank you.
Sami Matarlahti, Finland
posted on January 19, 2002

I was very impressed with your page. I like virtual reality sites.
Mark Helms, USA
posted on January 26, 2002

Great website! I have been finding some very useful info on it, especially laundromats.
Rick Manyik, USA
posted on February 17, 2002

I enjoy your website and have spent a lot of time reading and looking at the photo gallery.
June Ficek Rixen, USA
posted on March 18, 2002

Very, very nice site, well designed and gave me the information I was looking for. I congratulate you for a job well done.
George Marion
posted on March 27, 2002

Fantastic site, well done.
Hana Smith, Great Britain
posted on June 19, 2002

Hello from Prague! I am the Community Liaison Coordinator at the Canadian Embassy here, and have found your site very useful, easy to navigate, colorful and inviting. I have forwarded your site address to several friends in Canada. My compliments on www.czechsite.com - it is super!
Jacquie Hawken, Canadian Embassy Prague
posted on July 23, 2002

Without the pictures and travel information on this website I would have been up till the morning doing my project on the Czech Republic.
Michael Kopp, USA
posted on November 7, 2002

I am really sure of what I say: Prague is the most beautiful city I have ever seen in my life. This website is interesting and well-done! Congratulations!
Francesco Somenzi, Italy
posted on December 26, 2002

Love your site, its wonderful and informative. Keep up this great site.
Jackie O, USA
posted on January 21, 2003

Your site is fantastic.
Shirley Krsinich, USA
posted on January 23, 2003

Thank you for your excellent web-site. I will be spending a lot of time looking at your website over the next few months. Thank you very much.
Donald Payne, USA
posted on February 19, 2003

Hi there, I am going to Prague in September for a week. I am collecting all informations I can get, so I just want to thank you on your interesting and great pages.
Jadranka Kovac, Croatia
posted on April 24, 2003

I write a small monthly column that gives information about various international locations. I would like to cite your website in this column concerning the bus passes and parking system in Prague.
Judy Ferring, USA
posted on April 24, 2003

Thank you very much for your nice web sites about Prague. There is a lot of useful information that all tourist appreciatte.
Kamila Srsnova, Czech Republic
posted on August 20, 2004

Hi, Your site is great.
Bruce Sharp, USA
posted on March 13, 2005

Dears sirs, Thank you for such a great site to help us travelers.
Ximena Brucher, USA
posted on March 30, 2005

I would really like to congratulate you on your web site, because the information you put is clear, comprehensive and very useful.
Celine Melki, Lebanon
posted on June 17, 2005

Hello, I really like your website and I recommend it to my friends who come here to Prague. With regards.
Katka, Czech
posted on January 24, 2006

I am a cuban by birth, although I have been living at the USA for the last 36 years. I've heard on the news that the Czech Republic expelled a cuban diplomat. I also know how strong is the support from the Czech Republic for having a transition in Cuba from communism to democracy. Thanks very for all you good wishes towards the cuban people.
Nelson Roig, USA
posted on April 22, 2006

I want to pay you a compliment as you have put up an absolutely wonderful, informative, and very well laid-out site, and thank for doing this! I would also like to know if there is a sizeable Czech community here in SF, because I am very interested in learning the language, and would love to learn and practice with a native speaker soon! Thanks again for a wonderful site and I am looking forward to learning what you can share about the local Czech community!
Joshua M., San Francisco
posted on October 6, 2006

Great site! I've been wanting to go to Prague for a very long time and will have my chance this year. My grandfather is from Planany, and I would love to visit there. I am hoping this will be the first of many trips. Thank you so much!
Lori Ushman, USA
posted on February 22, 2007


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